Digital Surveillance System (CCTV)

Digital Surveillance System (CCTV)

With the help of our Digital Surveillance System (CCTV) and security system, you don't have to physically be there to verify that things are running smoothly. Check-in at any time to keep tabs on major shipments and deliveries, customer traffic, daily operations, and more. A security system with good-quality surveillance cameras also a deterrent for potential thieves, also with the good use of Access Control in order to provide invaluable information if an incident happens to occur on-site.

A more advanced form of Surveillance Cameras (also known as CCTV camera), utilizing network video recorders (NVRs), provides recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features (such as motion detection and email alerts). More recently, decentralized IP cameras, some equipped with megapixel sensors, support recording directly to network-attached storage devices, or internal flash for completely stand-alone operation.

surveillance cameras
security system with surveillance cameras and CCTV
security system with surveillance cameras and CCTV

Digital Surveillance (CCTV) System


  • 4 to 256 Channels Digital Surveillance System


  • High-Resolution Fixed Surveillance Cameras


  • Extra High-Resolution IP Camera


  • Speed Dome PTZ Controllable Camera


  • Outdoor Camera (CCTV) Housing and Bracket

  • Professional Installation and Maintenance Service


  • 7 x 24 Emergency Support Service

Remote Monitoring Software

  • Support PC software and Browser Login

  • Support iOS / Android 

The Best Surveillance Cameras functions of 2020

  • Great Quality Video Resolution

  • 100% Wire-Free Design

  • Indoor/Outdoor Versatility

  • Smart Home Integration

  • Motion-Activated Sensors

  • 360° Coverage with Pan Scan

  • Smart Motion Tracking

  • Affordable Price

  • Learning Tech to Adjust to Your Habits

  • Direct Connection to Emergency Services

  • Alexa and Google Integration

  • Crystal Clear Two-Way Audio

  • Quality Design and Aesthetic

  • Supply Rechargeable Battery or Solar Power

CCTV Surveillance Cameras

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Hikvision - AcuSense Products

Network Cameras | DVRs | NVRs

Accurate Alarm for Humans and Vehicles

AcuSense devices recognize whether the alarm was triggered by a person, a vehicle, or another object based on the deep-learning algorithm.

As a result, you’ll get an alarm only when people or vehicle intrusions are identified, depending on the event type you choose to focus on.

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AcuSense series products are your perfect choices for an accessible and intelligent security system!

  • Accurate Alarm for Humans and Vehicles

  • Search Targets Quickly by Type

  • Visual and Auditory Warning

Compared to conventional sensor-based alarm systems, a surveillance system that utilizes cameras has several advantages:
• The ability to watch events in real-time,
• Obtaining key data around those events, and • Providing solid and accurate evidence for law

surveillance cameras-AcuSsense Comparison

Explore the Many Application Scenarios
• Alarm Receiving Center / Monitoring Center:

Security monitoring is never an easy task, especially when you’re responsible for watching over multiple locations at the same time.

surveillance cameras-Alarm Receiving Center / Monitoring Center

•  Restricted AreasCenter:

Restricted areas or dangerous areas usually have signage to warn people of danger. People ignore these signs from time to time, resulting in serious consequences, trespassing in high-security zones, or enduring unfortunate incidents.

 surveillance cameras-Restricted Areas

•  Residences:

Whether you choose to keep an eye on the house yourself or hire a professional service provider to look after your home, there’re two functions you will surely want to have:

surveillance cameras-Residences

•   Factories:

Factories and warehouses store high-value raw materials or commodities. Security here is crucial. However, there is usually only limited manpower to perform such tasks.

surveillance cameras-Factories

Surveillance Cameras with

AcuSense Real-Time reaction and Deterrence Technology

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